Our Story

Video games have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Over the last two decades, we have participated in various tournaments across multiple platforms, as well as been at the edge of our seats with other spectators across the world. As time went by, we noticed that tournaments in our region have remained stagnant, leaving avid gamers disappointed and discouraged in building a career in eSports. We felt that the industry in our region lacked consistency, direction, scalability, and a platform to showcase what potential video gamers in this region were capable of.

Thus, in the early winter of 2020 amidst a raging pandemic, FOUR04 ESPORTS spawned and aimed to reinvent the region’s droopy eSports atmosphere.

Bringing together a diverse group of experts in managing offline and online tournaments, we aim to execute events tenfold that encourage and inspire our region’s gaming youth to explore their passions and groom a career in a region once thought to have been unfathomable for an eSports climate.

We hope to establish a self-sustaining and progressively scalable eSports platform in the Middle East. We also hope to build a community that brings together solutions and vocations for players and for brands to get involved with eSports in the region.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Showcasing the region’s talent globally and bringing the Middle East to the world stage of eSports putting together events that immortalize moments of gaming excellence.

Our Team

Mickdad “LeDonDooDoo” A. Bhojani

The idea gum-ball machine and creative director among other daily responsibilities.

Wystan “Apprentic3” Martis

The head honcho juggling the company's day-to-day trajectory, while constantly grinding battle pass levels.

Anthony “Shaklak” L. Trad

Squaring off with all things tech, while getting bamboozled by online keyboard warriors.

Siddharth “Lolsmasher” Shetty

Scouting out sponsor deals and hunting sales contracts during the day, while having an unquestionable flick of the wrist after hours.

Obaid “RDX” Ibrahim

Scouting for the region's finest talent and casters, while persistently diving into enemy territory (work ethic of Leeroy Jenkins).

Hamad “Hamajee” Qassem

Our resident extrovert that enjoys a good cup of tea while rolling out the kinks in a contract before it's signed off. Also, a firm believer in PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Christoph “Bandar3” Omid

He parries with streaming and production subsequently slicing and dicing numerous genres on a Steam library unmatched by most.

Zyldxian “Zyllie” Pereira

Bringing a reignited creative direction to the table, one that has been nurtured for years, while finessing on no-scopes whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Hammad "K0ZA" Fasihi

Instrumental in producing thrilling and prosperous events while wielding his strat-book in-game.

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