CSGO Moontime Tournament, 2022

Four04 Esports kicked off 2022 with a Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament in February as the world was just coming off the scare of Covid-19. As the number of cases began to dwindle, we opted to have our first LAN event of the year. With sponsors Timerr, Moon Nation Game, Youbetterfly, Whiz Works, and ASUS ROG helming the event, players and fans gathered for their chance at the $5,000 prize pool.

After a few weeks of registrations things kicked off at Golden Hall Café, Dubai with 8 of the finest local teams putting on a grueling show. With the Bo3 matches right down to the finals which was a Bo5 between teams Reckless and Last Dance.

And after dropping down to the lower bracket early on, Team Last Dance displayed an unexpected will to never stand down, climbing their way back into the finals taking the trophy and leaving Team Reckless in second place and Team Silver Bois in third.

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