Any resident of the following countries can participate in the tournament. This includes players and substitutes.
(Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen).
Citizens from the above countries who are currently residing in other parts of the world are allowed to participate given they provide proof of citizenship and residency.

  • Each team consists of 5 players and 2 substitutes.
  • Captains will be asked to fill in the team and player information.
  • Team name must be unique. We will refuse the team’s registration for use of profanity and/or defamation.
  • Team information cannot be edited once the tournament starts.
  • Players can’t be registered in more than one team even as a substitute.
  • Team captains will receive a confirmation email once their team’s data has been verified.
  • Team captains must join our discord server to communicate with admins and will receive details of their games.
  • Top 8 teams’ captains must send their bank details for timely transfers of prize money.
  • Prize money will be distributed within 30-45 days after the end of the tournament.

Tournament Format

Qualifiers Best of 3
Upper Bracket Best of 3
Lower Bracket Best of 3
Grand Finals Best of 5
  • The tournament starts with qualifiers which are played in the single elimination Bo3 format.
  • Top 8 teams qualify for the double elimination playoffs.
  • Playoffs are in Bo3 format.
  • Grand Finals is Bo5.

Important Rules

  • The tournament will be played online on Luxembourg server. Games can be played on Dubai server if both teams agree to it.
  • Each player is responsible for their own hardware, software and internet connection. There will be no rescheduling of matches.
  • If any issues arise during the game, the teams have the right to pause the game until the problem is fixed provided that the maximum pause duration is not exceeded.
  • If you discover a violation from your opponent, please inform the admin. Proof of the violation must be presented with your complaint.
  • All communication will be done through our discord server, by contacting the admins.
  • At any given moment during the tournament, players may be asked to prove their identity and residence by showing their Id. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the tournament.
  • Each team is allowed a 15-minute grace period before the series starts. Failure to comply will result in one match forfeit of the series for every 15 minutes of delay.
  • Player of any team during the game that all chats “GG or Good Game” first, forfeits the game.

General Rules

  • The official language of the tournament in English
  • All players must be respectful and polite in chat.
  • All chat cannot be used for unnecessary speech.
  • Lobby details will be shared to the team captains through discord.
  • An admin will be present for all matches. Matches played without an admin will not be counted as an official match.
  • Both teams need to BE ON TIME for their series. If a team is missing a player, they are allowed to use their registered substitute.
  • Admins reserve the right to remake a game before creeps spawn at 00:00 or first blood (whichever comes first). The game will be remade in All Pick mode with the same heroes.
  • No betting on any match played in the tournament.
  • Teams have the right to use external means of communication during the games (e.g. Discord, TeamSpeak, etc.)
  • Players have the right to stream their own games provided there is a 5-minute delay.

Lobby Rules

  • Game Mode - Captains Mode
  • Server Location: Luxembourg/Dubai
  • Enable cheats - No
  • Spectators – Off
  • Dota2 TV delay - 5 minutes
  • Lobby Visibility: Public
  • Selection Priority: Automatic (coin toss)
  • Penalty-Radiant: No Penalty
  • Penalty-Dire: No Penalty
  • League: None
  • Series Type: BO3


If any issues arise during the game, the teams have the right to pause the game for no longer than 10 minutes. If the game is paused for any reason the following rules must be followed:

  • After pausing, the team must state the reason for their pause and the admin needs to approve.
  • After the issue is fixed, the pausing team resumes the game.
  • If the issue persists for more than 10 minutes, the admin will resume the game and the game must be continued.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of 5 pauses per game. Opponents cannot resume the game unless all players agree.
  • Maximum pause time collectively for each team is 20 minutes per match.

Rule Violations

Admins reserve the right to disqualify any team provided they abuse and/or exploit any of the rules mentioned above. Disqualification will result due to the following below, but not limited to:

  • Using any type of cheat, hack, and/or scripts during the game.
  • Spamming (Chat-wheel excluded)
  • Having bad sportsmanship or disrespecting either your opponent or the admins.

Rule Modifications

  • The Four04 Esports admins reserve the right to modify the rules as needed, and the right to change any series date or time indicated in the schedule while providing a suitable alternative for both teams.
  • Players must understand and accept that any rule or schedule change is done to ensure fair and competitive gameplay. Team captains will receive an email of any rule changes.
  • In case of a game update, the admins reserve the right to change the series times in a way suitable for the players to continue the tournament.

All registration information may be used for communication and newsletters of Four04 Esports and its affiliates.

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